Press Press2022.05.10

CJ OliveNetworks Launches a Cross-Marketing Platform, CollaB

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▲Target segment of cross-marketing platform CollaB


- The company will integrate advertising and marketing service processes into one platform, increasing customer convenience and efficiency.

- Sophisticated targeting is possible using data from 120 million members of CJ ONE, telecommunication companies, and credit card companies.

- To commemorate the launch of CollaB, additional 10% of the target data parameters will be given to new customers until the 31st.


[CJ OliveNetworks = May 10, 2022 (Tuesday)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok) has launched ‘ColLAB’, a cross-marketing platform that supports effective marketing campaigns.


CollaB is a third-party targeted message advertising platform created by combining CJ OliveNetworks' years of partnership service sales capacity and messaging communication know-how. Its name has combined the meanings of the words Collaboration and Laboratory, which means to research powerful marketing services based on affiliate data.


CollaB provides an integrated cross-marketing platform (CMP) where domestic companies with membership can use individually-operated communication channel-based advertising and marketing services on a single platform. This is a unique business model attempted for the first time in Korea, and the related business model has also completed a patent application.



A screen for subscribing to the cross-marketing platform CollaB


CollaB service not only allows selecting the optimal target data among membership affiliated with Collaby, but also makes it possible to carry out a convenient and effective marketing campaign by digitalizing the entire advertisement campaign process. It is possible to conduct mobile advertisements in all message formats such as SMS, LMS, MMS, and PUSH.  


CollaB is currently targeting a total of 120 million members of major domestic companies such as CJ ONE, an integrated membership service operated by CJ OliveNetworks, as well as telecommunication companies, credit card companies, and point memberships, which contributes to its strength of having the largest level of targeting in Korea.


In CollaB, customers can select family composition, interests, consumption trends, residence, etc. as the primary target data. Moreover, by selecting premium secondary segment data such as demographic factors, competitor consumption history, application/web access history, communication history, and location/regional information, they can receive more sophisticated target consulting.


CJ OliveNetworks will additionally introduce advanced functions such as dashboard and report functions that provide results such as click-through rate and purchase conversion rate, and AI-based customer matching campaign recommendations in the second half of the year.


To commemorate the launch of Collabi, CJ OliveNetworks is holding an event of giving additional 10% of the total target data parameters to customers who have signed a new contract through the service web page ( until the 31st of this month.


In addition, in collaboration with CJ CheilJedang’s official shopping mall, CJ The Market, customers who made their first purchase at CJ The Market through a CollaB message will be given an opportunity to purchase popular products for 100 won, and among them, CJ The Market gift cards that are worth 10,000 won  will be given to the first 200 customers. In addition, various events such as a launch showcase for marketers and a marketing insight webinar are also scheduled.


“With the sophisticated, targeting-based marketing service provided by CollaB, customers can use the benefits and information they want,” said Nam Seung-woo, head of the Cloud Messaging team at CJ OliveNetworks. “And we will develop it as a platform where various companies cooperate together beyond the existing platform used for advertisement.”