Our challenge towards ONLYONE
Introducing how we work at CJ OliveNetworks

  • Honesty

    • We consistently comply with company policies and procedures.

      #Policy/Procedure Compliance #Basic/Principles

    • We do not hide or make excuses for problems and mistakes.


    • We do not neglect organizational inefficiencies and problems.

      #Improve Inefficiency

  • Enthusiasm

    • We set challenging goals and higher standards, aiming for the best.

      #Aim for the Best

    • We work proactively, taking initiative without being asked.


    • We get the job done perfectly with persistence and determination.

      #Pursuit of Perfection

  • Creativity

    • We think critically about the nature and purpose of work.

      #Critical Thinking

    • We always explore new paths, not settling for existing practices.

      #Explore New Paths

    • We freely pitch our own ideas for change.

      #Pitch in Ideas Freely

  • Respect

    • We listen carefully to the opinions of our colleagues and try to empathize.

      #Listen carefully

    • We accept other people’s points of view.

      #Respect Diversity

    • We create an atmosphere where everyone enjoys working with respect and courtesy.

      #Build Trust

CJ OliveNetworks gives you ample opportunities to learn and grow
through various mentoring programs.

Byun Sanghoon, Cloud)Infra Ops Lab

  • Nam Miyoung, Architecture Team/DevOps Team (concurrent)

    Above all, just be confident in yourself and continue to keep up on trends, and you will be able to run for a long time.

    Nam Miyoung, Architecture Team/DevOps Team (concurrent)

  • Kim Yoonyoung, Sanghoon Byun, Cloud)Infra Ops Lab

    It's important to strengthen your credentials for a job, but I think the most important thing is to create your own story, including diverse project experience.

    Kim Yoonyoung, Sanghoon Byun, Cloud)Infra Ops Lab

Make Stories Together

Lead changes in space and daily life with digital technology and data.
We look forward to your joining us in creating the story of CJ OliveNetworks together.

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