Sustainable technology
and a better future

Our ESG mission is to utilize ONLYONE digital technology
and services to help stakeholders have a better, sustainable future.

“We believe that inclusive, ethical, and eco-friendly digital technology can play a significant role in developing a sustainable society. We will keep contributing to a healthy digital ecosystem where stakeholders can usher in a sustainable future fueled by innovative businesses that can add social and economic values.

CEO of CJ OliveNetworks Yoo In Sang

Winning hearts beyond respect and recognition is a challenging task.
However, we believe that this goal is attainable when mindful of stakeholders’ interests, purpose-driven values, and a good impact on society.


With this idea in mind,
CJ OliveNetworks has set up ESG goals and
drawn Strategic
imperatives on which we will concentrate
our resources down the line.


In consideration of our capabilities and the needs of our stakeholders,
we have found the key domain
where we have adopted governance frameworks
including dedicated departments
that can deliver good outcomes.


Strategy frameworks

We have chosen four goals that serve as core values in achieving ESG management and 14 Strategic imperatives to reach them.


We help stakeholders secure a more sustainable future by providing ONLYONE digital technology and services.

Protection of rights
Personal information and data security
Respect and protection of human rights
Establishment and compliance of ethics of technology
Internalization of DE&I within the organizational culture
Improvement of digital accessibility and literacy
Ecosystem Empowerment
Ethical leadership on new digital technology
ESG management support driven by DT technology
Addressing social problems and making a social impact
Forging a sustainable supply chain

Eco-friendly approach

Carbon neutrality and circular economy
Contributing to developing renewable energy with DT technology
  • Strengthening compliance and transparency in management
  • Customer satisfaction and service accountability
  • ESG information disclosure and communication with stakeholders
Protection of rights
Based on our business ethics, we advocate human rights for all, protect personal information of online users, and establish and responsibly abide by ethical principles of technology development.
Protection of rights table
Definition Focus UN SDGS
Personal information and data security Operate a global-level management system to ensure information protection, cyber security risk management, and internalization
  • - Zero violation cases and complaints on the protection of personal information
  • - Contribute to fostering a healthy ecosystem for information protection inside and outside the organization
Respect and protect human rights Create a work environment where human rights of all employees and executives are upheld through training to prevent human rights violations, and a due process to address complaints
  • - Build and internalize a management system centered around human rights
  • - Practice safety-oriented management and prevention of serious accidents
Establish and abide by ethics of technology Institute principles to prevent ethical problems caused by technological development and responsibly comply with them
  • - Provide training to all employees and executives on ethical principles on AI
  • - Introduce a code of conduct and policies on ethics of technology and training employees and executives
  • - Enforce report policies for stakeholders inside and outside the organization and a system to protect reporters
Inclusive Culture
We pursue and practice DE&I (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) across the business value chain to foster a culture of inclusion and have a positive influence on society.
Inclusive Culture Table
Definition Focus UN SDGS
DE&I organizational culture Internalization Workforce composition that ensures diversity and an equal opportunity
Foster an inclusive culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging and worth
  • - Recruiting effort to ensure diversity (disability, race, and nationality)
  • - Discover and nurture female leaders
  • - Cultivate talents and strengthen employee benefits
Improve digital accessibility and literacy Enhance digital accessibility and literacy to make digital technology and services available to all
  • - Develop technology and services in consideration of digital accessibility
  • - Training sessions to address the digital divide
Ecosystem Empowerment
We provide an opportunity for growth and foster a healthy digital ecosystem so that our stakeholders including clients, partners, and community can create a sustainable future.
Ecosystem Empowerment Table
Definition Focus UN SDGS
New digital technology
Ethical leadership Pioneering
Secure ethical leadership in new digital technology such as AI, metaverse, and NFT to develop technology and services that can contribute to unique social values.
  • - Discover social and environmental agendas in new digital technology and execute projects (metaverse, crime prevention, and solutions related to virtual humans)
Support ESG management with DT technology at the core Develop underlying DT services and technology to support effective ESG management for corporate clients
  • -ESG + DT services and technology development (ESG data management, eco-friendliness, safety, and supply chain management, etc.)
Tackle social problems ·
Create a social impact
Utilize our technology and services to address social problems and create a social impact by bringing about changes and innovation
  • - Provide support for the self-reliance of the marginalized
  • - Ramp up capabilities of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises
  • - Contribute to a healthy IT ecosystem
Make the supply chain more sustainable Promote co-growth with partners and boost sustainability in the supply chain through partner ESG evaluation/management and support to improve capabilities
  • - Arrange co-growth programs for partners
  • - ESG risk management and prevention for partners
Eco-friendly approach
Our eco-friendly technology and business operations help respond to climate change and protect the environment, making the planet a better and more sustainable place to live in.
Eco-friendly approach
Definition Focus UN SDGS
Carbon neutrality Circular economy Set up a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement internal and external low-carbon policies to minimize the impact on the climate
Properly dispose of waste or recycle/reuse it to mitigate the impact on nature or the living environment.
  • - Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the data centers and expand the use of renewable energy
  • - Reduce waste at business sites and expand recycling
Contribute to Developing renewable energy with DT technology Develop renewable energy using DT technology Develop and expand an intelligent system to promote the distribution
  • - Expand the installment of PV panels in Vietnam
  • - Expand AI factories and energy management solutions
  • - Introduce an intelligent system for smart city renewable energy
Underlying imperatives
We comply with the law and practice ethical management, while at the same time responsibly providing services and striving for robust communication with customers for their satisfaction.
Underlying imperatives
Definition Focus UN SDGS
Enhance compliance, Ethics, and Transparency in management Secure transparency and fairness in business operations by running a transparent board, maximizing the interests of stakeholders, preventing bribery, and complying with domestic and international laws regarding business operations
  • - Transparent information disclosure and operation of the board of directors
  • - Provide training for employees and executives on a code of conduct/policies.
  • - Introduce report policies of stakeholders inside and outside the organization and put in place a system to protect reporters
Customer satisfaction
Service accountability
Safe and transparent e-transactions, high-quality services, and customer satisfaction
  • - Compliance with the Electronic Financial Transactions Act and regulations
  • - Enhance service quality and boost customer satisfaction
ESG information disclosure
Communication with stakeholders
Share ESG information and relevant content with stakeholders with great transparency and communication
  • - Establish a system to manage ESG information and announcements
  • - Produce and distribute ESG-related content


  • ~2023

    Establish a system to execute ESG with a strong foundation

  • ~2025

    Boost ESG capabilities and improve fundamentals

  • ~2030

    Produce positive ESG outcomes and internalize

  • ~2050

    A top-tier digital service provider with sustainability well-received by stakeholders


With ESG governance in place, we hold an ESG council meeting on a regular basis. (Management Council is held bi-annually, Working Group Council quarterly) We aim to internalize ESG management across the organization by monitoring ESG achievements and risks and discussing our next steps.

  • ESG Management
  • ESG-dedicated
  • ESG Working
    Group Council
ESG Management Council

ㆍReview and introduce ESG-related agendas deliberated by the board of directors

ㆍApprove ESG Strategic imperatives and goals

ㆍReview ESG-related achievements and monitor risks

ESG-dedicated Department

ㆍDecide the company-wide direction to promote ESG

ㆍIdentify ESG issues and suggest new operations

ㆍMonitor ESG indicators and achievements

ㆍStrengthen and internalize ESG capabilities within the organization

ㆍManage ESG governance and engage in internal and external communication

ESG Working Group Council

ㆍIdentify ESG imperatives, goals, and execution plans

ㆍExecute ESG goals and share the outcomes

ㆍExplore agendas suggested by ESG Management Council