We nurture IT experts who will play a pivotal role in the development of
next-generation technologies and technological innovation.

  • Onboarding Training

    Onboarding Training

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    We provide onboarding training for newly hired CJ members to help them better understand the company and its business, including the OJT and mentorship program for entry-level new hires to acquire basic skills and IT competencies required for their jobs. We also offer an onboarding program for experienced new employees to acclimate to the company and their roles.

  • TechForum


    #Stay on Top of IT Trends

    We host in-house Tech Forums with various topics that are directly applicable to work, centering on the latest trends in rapidly changing information technology. In addition to these in-house trainings, we offer abundant opportunities for our members to participate in external seminars to keep up with the latest tech trends and to develop technical competencies.

  • Tech Certification Program

    Tech Certification Program

    #Be an Expert with the Tech Certification Program

    We developed an in-house expert certification program in collaboration with a technical college to systematically nurture development and analytics engineers. Go for the master level to develop competencies to drive success in real projects!

  • Learning Clubs

    Learning Clubs

    #Learn Whatever You Want with Like-Minded People

    You can freely start a learning club to explore the topics of your interest with other members anytime, anywhere. Anyone who is enthusiastic about enhancing their work competencies can participate in the club activities, regardless of their position and department. All of the activities are supported by CJ OliveNetworks, so let's gather and upgrade our competencies together!

  • Digital Transformation Competency Training

    Digital Transformation Competency Training

    #Training for the Executives and Employees of CJ Group

    In order to strengthen the basic business competencies and digital transformation competencies necessary for CJ members, we provide training to develop core skills for driving business outcomes, and invite eminent domestic professors to provide lectures on data science.

  • Customized Training

    Customized Training

    #Upgrade Business Competencies with Just a Click

    We develop and provide customized online content to help enhance the competencies of the executives and employees so that their training activities translate into actual business outcomes. We offer customized content reflecting the specific purposes and needs of training.

  • CJ Campus

    CJ Campus

    #Learning System for CJ Group

    By integrating all available learning resources of CJ Group, we offer an edu-tech-based smart education environment optimized for human resources development. We develop and operate an integrated, one-stop learning platform, integrating online and offline training, and formal and informal learning.

  • Industry-University Cooperation

    Industry-University Cooperation

    #Contribute to Society by Nurturing Top Tech Talent and Promoting Industry-University Research Collaboration!

    We improve technical capabilities through industry-university cooperation and contribute to creating a tech ecosystem through joint technical research. We launched CJ Lucidus AI Lab in partnership with the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, and we offer various industry-university scholarship programs to foster tech experts in cooperation with leading technical colleges.

  • AI Human Resource Development

    AI Human Resource Development

    #Contribute to the Transition to an Intelligent Information Society Utilizing CJ OliveNetworks' Know-How in AI Training

    In order to resolve the AI talent mismatch prompted by the acceleration of digital transformation in all industries, we operate an external AI talent nurturing program with the motto of “Companies know best what talent they need.“ AI and SW curricula and PBL courses based on actual AI projects are provided, reflecting the needs of industries.

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