Sustainable Supply Chain

Willingness to Practice Shared Growth
CJ OliveNetworks seeks to become a company that earns the trust of all stakeholders by establishing and implementing a fundamental shared growth support program to expand the mutual growth and developmental relationships with its partners.
Direction of Shared Growth
CJ OliveNetworks seeks to become a company that leads a more beneficial business ecosystem by institutionalizing, implementing, and continuously upgrading shared growth programs in three major areas for the actual growth of its partners.

Shared Growth Program

Financial support
  • Support low-interest loan
  • Exemption from warranty insurance
  • Easing payment conditions
  • Support for credit evaluation and ESG evaluation costs
Strengthening competitiveness
  • Support for taking online education classes
  • Recruitment/recruitment support for excellent talent
  • Consulting/advisory support by area
  • Support for deposit of technical data
Expansion of communication
  • Operating regular meetings with shared growth partners
  • Implementation of sales channel support activities for partners
    • 1.Purchase consultation
    • 2.Visiting consultation with partners
    • 3.Operation of business proposal system

CJ OliveNetworks supports fundamental shared growth with partners