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CJ White Hat, a program to help SMEs strengthen their information security capabilities

In line with the growing importance of information security as the world is becoming increasingly contactless, we help SMEs strengthen their information security capabilities so that they can safely and securely conduct business from the threat of cyber attacks.

CJ White Hat CJ White Hat

CJ OliveNetworks' white hackers and information security consultants diagnose the security status of SMEs, develop a consulting plan, and provide customized consulting free of charge, including penetration testing, privacy compliance check, and privacy training for their employees.

  • Developing a customized consulting plan

    Developing a customized consulting plan

    Diagnose information security status and discuss service scope and schedule

  • Penetration testing (web, app, server)

    Penetration testing (web, app, server)

    Conduct penetration testing from an insider's and outsider's point of view Present measures to prevent security incidents and block cyber attacks

  • Privacy Compliance

    Privacy Compliance

    Identify vulnerabilities existing in the lifecycle of personal data Establish compliance measures for each stage of the lifecycle

  • Privacy training for SME employees

    Privacy training for SME employees

    Provide education on legal obligations of SMEs to protect privacy Provide improvement guides for remedying security vulnerabilities

  • “Looking at the final results analyzed in the guides, I realized how dangerous it is to just try to scale up your service while completely unaware of such significant vulnerabilities. I think White Hat is a lifesaver for startups like us without proper information security.”


  • “We are very satisfied because the program turned out to be more effective than I had expected. It is not easy for a hospital to detect and correct every single problem in its security, including privacy protection. But with the help of CJ White Hat, we were able to accurately identify the parts that had been neglected or had problems, and also learned how to fix them. Thank you for your hard work and we will do our utmost to become a hospital that further contributes to society while ensuring privacy protection.”


  • In our continuous effort to establish a healthy environment for privacy protection, we host forums inviting information security experts from the private and public sectors as well as academics to discuss and find solutions for information protection challenges for SMEs.

White Hat Together, collective impact for a safe digital world

The government, businesses and citizens have joined forces to strengthen the information protection capabilities of SMEs.
White Hat Together was launched, a project co-hosted and co-organized by CJ OliveNetworks, the Korea Internet & Security Agency, and Find the Gap, and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT.
White Hat Together included a bug bounty program where white hackers were rewarded for finding vulnerabilities in the systems of the SMEs participating the project, and security experts provided free consulting and training along with security software to help the enterprises develop capabilities to resolve the identified vulnerabilities.

White Hat Together, collective impact for a safe digital world

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