Safety Management

We put the safety of our customers and
executives and employees as the top priority
to create an ONLYONE safety-first culture.

Safety management policy

CJ OliveNetworks puts the safety of customers and executives and employees as the top priority in accordance with its management principle that values safety, health, and the environment, creating an ONLYONE safety-first culture.

  • 01 CJ OliveNetworks faithfully complies with safety regulations and social-safety requirements.
  • 02 CJ OliveNetworks gets acquainted with safety policy and regulations through education and training.
  • 03 CJ OliveNetworks consistently eliminates any safety risk on the job site.
  • 04 CJ OliveNetworks shares the constant support and value with partners in accordance with CJ policy.

By actively promoting its safety management policy, CJ OliveNetworks endeavors to protect the safety and health of its members as top priority and drive customer success to earn trust from both customers and society.

February 14, 2024
C.E.O., CJ OliveNetworks

Yoo In Sang Yoo In Sang

Safety management system

CJ OliveNetworks is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment by eliminating workplace hazards with its safety management system.


Creating a safe and healthy workplace


Reinforcement of safety accident prevention capabilities and activities

Creation of a safe work environment and promotion of employee health

Key objectives

  • Establishment of a safety and health management system

    Establishment of a safety and health management system

    • Fulfilling the obligation to secure safety and health in compliance with the Serious Accident Punishment Act
    • Establishing a health and safety management organization
    • Revising the safety and health management regulations and establishing an emergency response system
  • Hazard prevention and control

    Hazard prevention and control

    • Establishing a workplace risk assessment and improvement plan
    • Strengthening maintenance for the Cloud Center and the Bundang IDC
    • Conducting hazard assessments
    • Providing employee safety and health training
  • Employee health management

    Employee health management

    • Continuously updating the COVID-19 response system
    • Providing in-depth health checkups
    • Providing stress management consulting