Human Rights Management

CJ OliveNetworks strives to ensure that its employees and
all stakeholders can fulfill their responsibilities to respect human rights.

CJ OliveNetworks Declaration of Human Rights Management

CJ OliveNetworks is an IT company with a mission of leading customer’s success and contributing to making a better world with the ‘ONLYONE’ technology and service’ and a vision of ‘TOP TIER digital service company leading the happiness of customers and society.’

CJ OliveNetworks has the behavioral principles of honesty, passion, creativity and 'respect'. CJ OliveNetworks believes that practicing the behavioral principles of 'respect' means making efforts to ensure that the human rights of not only employees but also various stakeholders, such as customers, partners, and local communities, are respected in all management activities.

CJ OliveNetworks respects and supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and complies with human rights and labor-related laws in each country or region where the business is located.

Based on the code of conduct for practicing a culture of respect, 'CJ People's Promise,' CJ OliveNetworks declares 'CJ OliveNetworks’ Human Rights Management' and pledges to practice it so that the human rights of various stakeholders would be respected in all business activities.

  • 01 CJ OliveNetworks will perform activities to prevent human rights violations and for relief of victims by recognizing human rights risks in the overall business activities with improved monitoring and will actively implement human rights management to communicate this with stakeholders.
  • 02 Based on the culture of respect for human rights, CJ OliveNetworks does not allow involuntary labor, child labor, workplace harassment, or discrimination in employment. We will strive to establish a safe and healthy work environment and further protect stakeholder information.
  • 03 To prevent human rights violations that may occur for all stakeholders during business activities, CJ OliveNetworks is operating an online reporting system to listen to opinions through various communication channels such as anonymous or real-name reports, reports from third-party external organizations, and customer centers. And through this, we are committed to actively resolving human rights violations.
  • 04 CJ OliveNetworks will actively spread a culture of respecting human rights to all stakeholders, including domestic and overseas business sites, subsidiary companies, business partners as well as customers and local communities to demand and provide support for implementing human rights management.

CJ OliveNetworks will take the lead in realizing the value of respecting human rights throughout the country and society.

June 30, 2023
C.E.O., CJ OliveNetworks

Yoo In Sang Yoo In Sang

Regulations on Human Rights Management

CJ OliveNetworks has enacted the regulations on human rights management to prevent human rights violations of employees and stakeholders and to establish a culture of respect for human rights.

Download Full Text of the Regulations on Human Rights Management