Social Contribution

Equitable Education

Our executives and employees participate in sustainable pro bono activities
that provide high-quality education utilizing their IT expertise to help students
grow into future leaders regardless of their background.

CJ SW Creativity Camp

CJ SW Creativity Camp is CJ OliveNetworks' acclaimed volunteer program operated based on talent donation, which supports children to experience software coding in an easier and more fun way and to develop creativity and logical thinking.

It is a sustainable volunteer activity where our executives and employees can best utilize their work-related knowledge.

With about 88 percent of our executives and employees specialized in IT, CJ SW Creativity Camp is a differentiated volunteer program in which executives and employees utilize their skills and expertise acquired in their work, participating in the entire process voluntarily and pro bono, from program planning and designing to basic curriculum development and educational service.

  • Percentage of Executives and Employees in IT-Related Positions
  • Volunteers and Student
    Participants by Year

A volunteer group consisting of executives and employees is participating in various programs at CJ SW Creativity Camp.

Employee volunteer group (since 2015)

We contribute to nurturing future ICT talent with creativity through sustainable talent donation activities that utilize the expertise of our executives and employees.

  • In 2015, as a pilot program, we operated an SW experience class for children of executives and employees (12 students), and developed and applied a curriculum for elementary and middle school students using Scratch.
  • In 2016, CJ SW Creativity Camp Volunteer Group was launched (70 persons).
  • Since 2018, we have secured about 100 new instructors every year
  • through the Networking Day and employee instructor training courses (1-2 times a year).