Technology Ethic

CJ OliveNetworks establishes and complies with the Technology Ethics Charter to understand and concretely practice social responsibilities and obligations for all technologies and services that it develops.

The Technology Ethics Charter consists of four common principles (publicness, accountability, controllability, and transparency) that must be observed by each of the three stakeholders: developers, suppliers, and users.

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Common Principles

  • Publicness

    When developing technologies and services, we develop them to help as many people as possible, and strive to ensure that the value created by the technologies we develop benefits everyone.

    • #Fairness
    • #Anti-discrimination
    • #Ensuring accessibility
  • Accountability

    We clarify responsibility in the event of an accident resulting from the technology and services we have developed and faithfully fulfill our social obligations to share safety-related information and protect user rights.

    • #Accountability
    • #Risk Prevention
    • #Implementation of Procedure
  • Controllability

    For all technologies and services we develop, we prepare in advance measures against human controllability and malfunction and ensure the user’s discretion as much as possible.

    • #Controlability
    • #Risk Management
  • Transparency

    We strive to reflect the opinions of society members in decision-making processes such as technology development and service planning and disclose and share expected risks and related information during the use phase and protect personal information in accordance with the company's personal information processing principles.

    • #Explanability
    • #Sharing Risk Information