AI Ethical Principles

CJ OliveNetworks abides by
AI ethical principles in developing
AI and providing the technology.
  • AI should be for health, happiness and convenience

    We develop and use human-centered AI to help people.

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    • #Human-centered
    • #Pursuit of happiness
  • AI without discrimination or bias

    We respect diversity and pursue technologies that bring people around the world together.

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    • #Diversity
    • #Inclusion
  • Explainable AI

    We build a transparent and trustworthy relationship by honestly explaining our AI technology to provide users a choice.

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    • #transparency
    • #reliability
  • Providing AI with data sovereignty and privacy

    We ensure a safe and secure process to protect users' privacy and conduct continuous quality management to use data under the principles of information security. And we provide fair compensation for any revenue generated by AI.

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    • #privacy
    • #information security
  • Knowledge sharing for the advance of the AI industry

    We endeavor to move our company as well as the AI industry forward, and actively participate in the process.

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    • #social contribution