Technology for a better world

Our mission is to drive success for our customers and contribute to making
the world a better place with our ONLYONE technology and service.

CJ OliveNetworks, a top-tier digital service company that
builds happiness for both customers and society

We create happiness for customers and society through digital transformation of business and development of new technologies based on our experience and know-how in successfully providing comprehensive IT services with a focus on lifestyle and culture.

  • Foundation


  • Chief Executive Officer

    Yoo In Sang

  • Company Sales

    0 billion won +

  • Number of Executives and Employees



  • We focus on

    We put our best efforts into ensuring our customers achieve success and increase the value of their businesses and building trust with them.

    #Customer Value #Trust

  • We create
    social value.

    We endeavor to fulfill our social responsibility and pursue shared growth with our stakeholders.

    #Shared Growth
    #Corporate Sustainability Management

  • We pursue

    We create new values through continuous innovation, and constant pursuit of new challenges and diversity.

    #Pursuit of Innovation
    #Value Openness to New Challenges and Diversity

  • We work hard to
    our expertise.

    We develop industry-leading technologies and capabilities to provide ONLYONE products and services.

    #Industry-Leading Technologies
    #Capability Development


CJ's three colors symbolize health, joy, and convenience.

The Blossom logo conveying these core values represents the fresh blossoming of CJ like a flower, unfolding its vision for the global market and customers - a company that always approaches its customers in a new and friendly way.

Start to bring innovation and change to your business with CJ OliveNetworks.