Press Press2021.12.19

CJ OliveNetworks Boosts the Reliability of Pharmaceutical Logistics with Blockchain

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- The company developed a blockchain ‘ChainOne’ to increase the transparency of data management.

- It is applied to the pharmaceutical logistics system of CJ Logistics, increasing the security of drug distribution process.

- Data about drug production, logistics, and distribution are recorded on a blockchain, enabling reliable high-quality management.


CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok) adopted blockchain technology ‘ChainOne’ to a pharmaceutical logistics system for the first time in Korea.


As the importance of distribution and logistics, as well as the production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, has come into greater prominence due to global pandemic, the need for developing a system for a stable drug supply has increased.


CJ OliveNetworks’ AI Core Research Center and Logistics Team developed ChainOne based on AWS (Amazon Web Services)’s hyperledger private blockchain, which guarantees data confidentiality and integrity, to provide effective drug distribution and logistics solutions and applied it to the pharmaceutical logistics system of CJ Logistics.


ChainOne records data from the entire process of drug production, logistics, and distribution on a blockchain ▲ to prevent forgery and falsification of data, ▲ visualize the data in real time, and ▲ enhance the reliability of pharmaceutical logistics through quality control. have.


It can increase the transparency of the manufacturing and distribution process and prevent misuse and abuse of drugs by periodically recording information about the status such as production date, expiration date, and temperature of distributed medicines on the block chain


In addition, since it is possible to inquire information about the transportation route, the institutions using medicines, and the quantity in real time, it is possible to track even if the data is changed during the process from warehousing to shipment. And in the event of problems such as a defect in the product or temperature deviation, it is possible to respond immediately because the cause can be quickly identified,


“The biggest topic in the logistics industry this year is ‘cold chain’, so the pharmaceutical logistics system is an issue that is as important as the quarantine. We will contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical logistics system by building and providing a highly reliable transportation infrastructure and management system through a leading technology,” said Son Jong-su, Head of AI Core Research Center at CJ OliveNetworks.