Press Press2021.01.12

CJ OliveNetworks Establishes Smart Factory and Smart HACCP at Korea Yakult

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- Factory One MES and Factory One HACCP will be established in the Cheonan, Nonsan, and Pyeongtaek factories of Korea Yakult.
- The processes for automated records management for critical control point (CCP) will be digitized, and data forging/manipulation prevention measures will be implemented.
- Integrated management of the three factories will be made possible, increasing productivity in quality improvement and accident prevention.

[CJ OliveNetworks = January 12, 2021 (Tue)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-Hyeok) will be establishing Smart Factory and Smart HACCP at Korea Yakult Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Byeong-Jin).

Korea Yakult Co., Ltd. is a food and beverage company that produces various lactic acid?fermented milk and health functional food products at its three factories located in Cheonan, Nonsan, and Pyeongtaek. The company distributes these products through about 510 sales networks established nationwide.

Starting this month, CJ OliveNetworks will simultaneously establish process automation, Smart HACCP, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) in the three factories of Korea Yakult for six months through Factory One MES and Factory One HACCP, CJ OliveNetworks’s Smart Factory Solutions developed based on its experience in the food manufacturing business.

CJ OliveNetworks plans to digitize various aspects of Korea Yakult’s manufacturing processes, including inventory management, production, quality, and equipment. Besides enhancing the existing process, it will also add features such as the digitization of automated records management and the daily log for CCP, an alarm for exceeding limit points, and the prevention of data forging/manipulation.

Data from the entire process will be automatically collected through sensors and the Internet of things technology, and the bar-code system will allow for the real-time inventory management of raw materials, from warehousing to product shipping, as well as the tracking of raw materials used in products.

In addition, by providing the alarm for when CCP limit points, which are essential criteria for Smart HACCP certification, are exceeded, the Factory One solution will enable the factories to quickly respond to emergencies while preventing forging/manipulation of CCP records and leaving logs if data need to be edited. Through these measures, data transparency is ensured.

Korea Yakult gains the ability to comprehensively manage data from all three factories with the establishment of Smart Factory and Smart HACCP while expecting improved quality and accident prevention, reduced management expenses, efficient decision-making, and enhanced productivity.

In the future, CJ OliveNetworks plans to install an interactive interface module within the system and apply a real-time database to lay the foundation for big data analysis. Its plan also includes the enhancement of the system through the application of new digital twin(DT) technologies, including artificial intelligence and big data.

“Based on our exceptional insight into the food manufacturing business and experience in the establishment of Smart Factories, we are building smart quality and safety systems for various food and beverage manufacturers,” said Kim Hee-Seong, the manager in charge of new external businesses at CJ OliveNetworks. “Moving forward, we will provide Smart Factory Solutions that combine software and hardware to diverse manufacturing companies in not only the food industry but also the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields,” the manager continued.