Press Press2024.05.13

CJ OliveNetworks declares ‘New Vision’ and endeavors to make a leap

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- CJ OliveNetworks declares new vision of ‘Lifestyle Innovation Company’

- The company expresses CJ Group’s ambition to become a ‘global lifestyle and culture company’ together

- CEO Yoo In-sang leads CJ Group’s DX, strengthens competitiveness in new and external businesses, and promotes the evolution, etc. of CJ ONE Super App

- The company establishes challenging goals such as KRW 1 trillion in sales and KRW 1 trillion in corporate value in 2026.


CJ OliveNetworks is making a leap by declaring its new vision as a ‘lifestyle innovation company that leads changes in space and daily life based on digital technology and data.’


CJ OliveNetworks held an online and offline vision declaration ceremony that included a CEO town hall meeting for all executives and employees at the Yongsan Twin City headquarters on Friday, the 10th.


The reason why CJ OliveNetworks established a new vision as a ‘lifestyle innovation company’ was that it needed to establish a new direction and provide differentiated customer value, such as promoting digital-based new growth businesses and changing business models.


The new vision also contains the meaning of contributing to achieving CJ Group's mission and vision based on the essence of its business as an IT company. CJ OliveNetworks expressed its ambition to implement a new mid- to long-term business strategy through digital technology, which is CJ OliveNetworks' core competency, and the data assets it possesses, and to achieve CJ Group's goal of becoming a 'global lifestyle and culture company.'


Meanwhile, CJ OliveNetworks also announced its mission “Contribute to the growth and happiness of executives and employees, and to the nation and society by creating customer value through ONLYONE digital experiences.” It contains the will to transform into a customer-oriented company through digital innovation and to contribute to the growth of members and the creation of social value.


This means that the company will build trust with customers by developing the best technology and capabilities, achieve sustainable growth through innovation and challenge, and fulfill its social responsibilities.


CJ OliveNetworks has also established a new vision value system (NewVision Structure) to realize customer needs and social value and has established following work rules to achieve the mission and vision: ▲Top expertise ▲Creating synergy ▲Forming trust ▲Trends The leader was selected. 


Based on CJ Group's core values and behavioral principles, four behavioral standards that are essential to achieve CJ OliveNetworks' new vision were established with the participation of members.


Since the inauguration of CEO Yoo In-sang, CJ OliveNetworks has prioritized leading CJ Group's DX, strengthening external business competitiveness, and evolving CJONE SuperApp, and is pursuing business innovation and transforming into a business structure that is capable of sustainable growth.


With the declaration of this new vision, the company plans to pursue specific implementation strategies such as expanding the IT and consulting service areas, strengthening new business areas such as AI factory, cloud, and smart space, and securing business competitiveness through selection and concentration.


CJ OliveNetworks also set a challenging goal of 1 trillion won in sales and 1 trillion won in corporate value by 2026. The company plans to lay the foundation for future growth through profitability-oriented management and begin investing in new businesses and M&A.


In line with the declaration of the new vision, the company is also working to create an organizational culture that allows for innovative growth by securing the best talent to achieve 'No. 1, Super Gap, and Global', strengthening technological capabilities in core areas, and promoting business value-up.


Yoo In-sang, CEO of CJ OliveNetworks, said, “The newly declared new vision contains the ambition to achieve CJ Group’s goals by executing a new mid- to long-term business strategy with the core capabilities and assets of CJ OliveNetworks.” He emphasized, “We will lead trends by agilely reading the market, customers, and technological changes and discovering new opportunities.”