Press Press2021.04.15

CJ OliveNetworks · Gwangju City · GIST Join Hands to Foster AI Industries

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-CJ · Gwangju City · GIST sign a tri-party MOU to foster talents, providetechnological consulting, and conduct joint research.

-CJ OliveNetworks will cooperate in nurturing competent people with practicalskills and creating jobs by establishing a second research center in GwangjuCity.


(CJOliveNetworks = April 15, 2021 [Thursday]) CJ OliveNetworks CEO Cha In-hyok,Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor Lee Yong-seop, and GIST announced on April 15, Thursday,that they signed a tri-party MOU to foster AI industries.


Thesigning ceremony was held in Gwangju City Hall’s business room on April 15, Thursday,with the participation of representatives, including Gwangju Metropolitan City MayorLee Yong-seop, Kim In-su, in lieu of the GIST president, and CJ OliveNetworksCEO Cha In-hyok.


Themain agreements contained in the MOU are the following: ▲ experts shall beeducated to foster AI industries, and programs shall be developed and run connectedwith their employment; ▲ comprehensive technological and policy advice in theIT service field, such as AI big data analyses, shall be provided; ▲ jobs shallbe created by establishing a second research center; and ▲ the parties shall mutuallyunderstand and cooperate further for the creation of an AI ecosystem in Gwangjuby pursuing joint industry-academe research, among others.


Gwangjushall develop and manage programs to foster AI industries and train expertsconnected with their employment.


CJOliveNetworks shall provide comprehensive technological and policy advice inthe IT service field, including AI big data analyses, foster talents, andcreate jobs by establishing a second research center in Gwangju.


Meanwhile,GIST shall manage and provide programs for fostering AI experts, cooperate forjoint international research, and jointly engage in industry-academe researchwith CJ OliveNetworks.


“Forthe AI industry to succeed, the three conditions of an integrated complex,talents, and budget must be met. The current MOU will help meet these threeindispensable conditions … Gwangju, CJ OliveNetworks, and GIST shall cooperateto make the Republic of Korea an AI stronghold,” Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong-seopsaid.


“Giventhat the digital capacity utilizing AI determines the competitiveness of anation and region, we are pleased to cooperate with Gwangju Metropolitan Cityand GIST in fostering AI industries … We will support the development oftalents based on our DT competency, including big data analyses and AIresearch. We will also establish a second research center in Gwangju to providejobs to excellent talents residing in the province,” said CJ OliveNetworks CEOCha In-hyok.


CJOliveNetworks has continually discussed fields for possible collaboration withGwangju and GIST since last year by mutually exchanging for fostering talentsand sharing technological information. It also looked for ways to cooperate tocreate an “industry convergence integrated complex” centered on AI that theGwangju Metropolitan Government is pursuing.


Lastyear, the company cooperated in an AI startup contest organized by GIST, andthis year, it will participate in a K-Digital Platform project to foster keypractical talents in the AI digital field. (The end.)