Press Press2024.04.24

CJ OliveNetworks builds a smart factory with cutting-edge technology at hy's new plant in Nonsan

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-CJ OliveNetworks promotes DX by establishing smart factory solutions in hy’s major factories since 2021

-The company enhances the stability and efficiency of production by adopting a raw material misinput process, computerized production log, and temperature management system at hy’s new Nonsan plant.

-Data from all processes can be automated and checked at once on a dashboard, enabling digital transformation of work.


CJ OliveNetworks is building a smart factory with the latest IT technology at hy's new plant in Nonsan.

hy is a distribution company that produces fermented lactic acid milk and health supplements and sells products through more than 11,000 fresh managers. hy expects to be able to supply individually certified probiotic strains more stably through the completion of the new plant in Nonsan.

In 2021, CJ OliveNetworks integrated the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) of the smart factory solution 'Factory One' and 'Factory One HACCP' at hy's three factories, including Cheonan, Nonsan, and Pyeongtaek, to implement process automation, smart HACCP, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) simultaneously.

From 2022 to 2023, hy's smart factory advancement was executed step by step, including the adoption of a new system that incorporates new IT technology. The company established a process system to prevent incorrect input of materials and supported productivity improvements such as smart hygiene inspection and computerization of document.

Additionally, by providing an AI-based predictive maintenance solution, it has contributed to automatically diagnosing defects that may occur in factory equipment and establishing a preemptive response system.



In hy’s new Nonsan plant, the latest systems that integrate the special features of smart factory solutions implemented in the existing Cheonan, Pyeongtaek, and Nonsan plants will be built. CJ OliveNetworks will carry out ▲applying the process of incorrect input of post-culture raw materials (spores), ▲linking production index data, ▲expanding the probiotics production management system, ▲computerizing the process log, and ▲establishing a quality temperature management system.

CJ OliveNetworks will apply the post-added raw material misinput process to the hosang (scoopable yogurt) production system in hy's new Nonsan plant. Generally, Hosang products are made into lactic acid bacteria products through strain extraction, inoculation, and culture. At this time, by introducing a process for incorrect input of raw materials after cultivation, stable production operation is possible through accurate input of raw materials.

In addition, a system will be implemented that automates all data of the process, including daily production and facility status for each product line produced at the Nonsan plant. Through this, information such as production efficiency for each product, quantity of defective products, facility operation and load time, and utilization rate can be checked at a glance through a dashboard. Through this, tasks that used to be written manually can be digitized and the effectiveness of being paperless as well as operational efficiency can be maximized.

In addition, the company plans to install IoT-based temperature sensors in refrigerators and freezers within the new factory site and operate a real-time temperature detection system to thoroughly manage and maintain the most important temperature in the production and management process of hy products.

Song Won-cheol, head of smart manufacturing logistics at CJ OliveNetworks, said, “For four years, we have been actively supporting hy as a partner through regular system advancement as well as related R&D to enable hy to implement a smart factory optimized for its business.” He added, “We have been actively supporting hy as a partner in the field of F&B and bio. With CJ OliveNetworks’ specialized IT technology and competitiveness in the smart manufacturing field, we will strive to complete the new Nonsan plant as a smart factory with cutting-edge technology.”

Meanwhile, the smart factory solution at hy's new Nonsan plant built by CJ OliveNetworks is scheduled to be officially operational starting in August.