Environmental Management

We create an Only One environmental management culture that conducts sustainable business based on a sense of responsibility for the environment.

Environmental Management Policy

CJ OliveNetworks seeks to contribute to building a sustainable ecosystem by implementing environmental management to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use energy efficiently and by developing eco-friendly solutions and carrying out environmental protection activities. Accordingly, we declare our environmental management policy as follows:

  • 01 Leading efforts to respond to climate change CJ OliveNetworks will actively respond to the climate crises by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening energy efficiency, and expanding the use of renewable energy and will strive to achieve carbon neutrality in the mid to long term.
  • 02 Development of eco-friendly technology/solutions CJ OliveNetworks will contribute to reducing carbon emissions by improving customers' energy use efficiency by developing eco-friendly technologies and providing solutions and will help prevent environmental accidents and comply with legal standards through environmental data management.
  • 03 Compliance with environmental and energy regulations We will comply with domestic and international environmental and energy-related laws and listen to the requirements of stakeholders, including customers and the government.
  • 04 Encouragement of environmental protection activities CJ OliveNetworks encourages environmental protection activities for all employees and will actively participate in internal and external environmental campaigns to ensure the co-existence of humans and the nature.
  • 05 Disclosure of environmental information We will transparently disclose CJ OliveNetworks' environmental management policy and environmental management performance to its partners and customers and establish cooperative partnerships to practice environmental management.
June 30, 2023
C.E.O., CJ OliveNetworks

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