Press Press2020.11.12

CJ OliveNetworks Revitalizes Cultural Convergence Industry through Construction of Gwangju E-Sports Stadium

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- Ordered the construction of an e-sports stadium within Chosun University, Gwangju 
- Highly regarded for its e-sports broadcasting system operation competency proven by OGN e-Stadium and VSPN Korea Arena 
- To be transformed into a facility with cutting-edge technologies, including the most up-to-date equipment, a remote-controlled integrated system, multipurpose stadiums, a private studio, etc. 

[CJ OliveNetworks, November 12, 2020 (Thursday)] CJ OliveNetworks (with CEO Cha In-Hyeok) wins the contract for the “Gwangju E-Sports Stadium Construction Project” ordered by Gwangju Information & Culture Industry Promotion Agency (GITCT, with Head Tak Yong-Seok), which will revitalize the cultural convergence industry in Gwangju City. 

CJ OliveNetworks has vast experience in and technologies for developing and operating broadcasting systems in the e-sports field. For instance, it has established Seoul OGN e-Stadium, VSPN Korea Arena, and the broadcast system for SKT T1 Professional Gaming Team. Gwangju E-sports Stadium is also recognized for CJ OliveNetworks’ world-class IT competitiveness in the digital media field. 

The Gwangju E-Sports Stadium, scheduled for opening in Haeoreum Hall of Chosun University in Gwangju City this December, comprises Korea’s largest e-sports main stadium that can host a maximum of 1,000 people and an auxiliary stadium with 200 seats. This highly anticipated project of CJ OliveNetworks will be at the pinnacle of cutting-edge technologies by establishing broadcasting operation systems specialized for the features of the main and auxiliary stadiums, main control room, and observer room. 

The stadium has a design specialized for e-sports broadcast, enabled by professional sound solutions for a live show environment, effect lighting for the stage, custom cameras, Audio Follow Player (AFP), an automated solution for game audio production, a multi viewer system, and more. 

CJ OliveNetworks paid special attention to reflecting the multipurpose feature of the main stadium in the design. A remote-controlled system was adopted to enable an integrated operation of major solutions, equipment, and facilities, such as the e-sports stadium, main control room, sound system, and broadcast screens. Furthermore, spatial efficiency will be enhanced by establishing a multipurpose stadium using interlinked production signals and flexible scan converters. 

The main and auxiliary stadiums will be transformed into a lively and glamorous stage. Formed by the main stadium, the main stage will be built in a portable form and installed with LED visual lighting for more practical space use. In contrast, the auxiliary stadium’s island stage will offer a more immersive experience for both gamers and spectators. 

In line with the trend of private media where individuals create and upload self-created content, a private ministudio connected to Gwangju E-Sports Stadium’s main control room will be established to provide a space for facilitating the production and broadcast of media content.

“The construction of the Gwangju E-Sports Stadium is a project that reflects the local government’s will, which seeks to create innovative services and businesses through a new space. It will be a wonderful opportunity for CJ OliveNetworks to realize our achievements based on our competency in the digital media field developed by our rich experience,” said Cha In-Hyeok, CEO of CJ OliveNetworks. “We will lead this project to success with our experience in e-sports businesses,” he added. 

The head of GITCT, Tak Yong-Seok, said, “CJ OliveNetworks was highly regarded in their digital media expert composition, special management plan for COVID-19, and meticulous floor control plan.” He also added that “through the successful launch of the E-Sports Stadium, one of Gwangju City’s projects aiming to develop the convergence industry, we expect to revitalize the economy with job creation and talent development.” (End)