Press Press2021.01.05

CJ OliveNetworks Selected to Establish Broadcast Information System Worth KRW 23 Billion for Arirang TV

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- The KRW 23 billion project entails the establishment of next-generation broadcasting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, a security system, information technology (IT) infrastructure, an online production platform, etc.
- Since the start of the company’s business, an amount of KRW 100 billion has been reached from the accumulated orders received in only three years and four months through external system integration (SI) projects for the broadcasting and media sector.

[CJ OliveNetworks = January 5, 2021 (Tue)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-Hyeok) secured an order from Arirang TV (CEO Lee Seung-Yeol) to establish a broadcast information system worth KRW 23 billion, looking to expand its market influence to the rapidly growing broadcast media SI field.

In the past three years, CJ OliveNetworks has successfully conducted 18 broadcast infrastructure transfers and system establishment projects. These efforts include projects at the TBS company building in Seoul and the KBC Gwangju Broadcast Center building, the KBS UHD broadcasting system, and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA)’s Sangam Digital Magic Space UHD system. Securing this project reflects the industry’s high regard for CJ OliveNetworks’s expertise and competency. 

In particular, this project boasts the largest amount of funds that CJ OliveNetworks has received for an external SI project in the broadcasting and media sector. In only three years and four months since the start of its business, CJ OliveNetworks has received accumulated orders amounting to KRW 100 billion. 

CJ OliveNetworks will be in charge of △ the establishment of a next-generation broadcast system; △ the introduction of an integrated ERP system; △the enhancement of IT infrastructure, including networks; △ the enhancement of the information security system; and △ the establishment of an online production system. As the first phase of the project, IT infrastructure and ERP system establishment will be completed by 2021. Meanwhile, the entire project is scheduled to be completed on December 15, 2022.

▲ A view of Arirang TV’s control room and studio

In consideration of the continuity of program production and transmission, the next-generation broadcasting system will be established based on a continuous broadcasting system. In particular, CJ OliveNetworks will develop a state-of-the-art integrated broadcasting and information system by replacing old equipment to strengthen system stability and secure production and transmission stability through enhanced infrastructure and new technology. 
In realizing managerial innovation, the new integrated ERP system will be combined with the existing dual system. By linking the internal and external system through an integrated ERP system, redundant or manual tasks will be minimized, and work efficiency will be improved with systematic data management. In addition, by strengthening security performance by stage in accordance with performed tasks, core data and networks will be protected from external cyber threats.

Furthermore, the project involves the establishment of an online production platform to reinforce Arirang TV’s global-level digital broadcasting competitiveness. Through improvements in mobile-oriented environments, such as an online broadcasting/production system, TV, radio, mobile web, and applications, CJ OliveNetworks will lay the foundation for the growth of Arirang TV in the future broadcasting market. 

With the establishment of a broadcast information system, Arirang TV is expected to have a keener response to the converging environment of broadcasting and networks, improve work and information processes, enhance information security control systems, and solidify its competitiveness as an international broadcasting network by offering online content production services. 

“I feel proud to be the partner that will aid Arirang TV, one of the country’s representative cultural media platforms, in its digital transition in line with the rising popularity of K-content,” said CJ OliveNetworks CEO Cha In-Hyeok. “Based on our advanced digital broadcasting and network competency and success stories, CJ OliveNetworks will lead the broadcast media SI market and expand its business scope,” he added.