Press Press2021.05.21

CJ OliveNetworks to Build Unmanned Pharmaceutical and Medical Smart Logistics Center

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Groundbreaking ceremony of PICO Innovation’s smart logistics center


- To begin constructing the 17,000 mlogistics center in Pyeongtaek in May that will enable storage of as many as 30,000 pallets of drugs and medical supplies simultaneously

- To provide integrated software,facilities, maintenance, and repair services through a strategic partnership with Russell, an automated facility manufacturer

- To introduce an unmanned automated system utilizing new digital transformation (DT) technology, which is expected to reduce costs and improve quality


(CJ OliveNetworks = May 19, 2021 [Wednesday])CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyok) will build PICO Innovation’s unmanned smart logistics center (President Cho Yong-jun) in Pyeongtaek.


PICO Innovation is a national cooperative with about 100 Korean pharmaceutical companies. The cooperative plans to showcase an innovative logistics system for the first time in the pharmaceutical field by building a massive unmanned automated logistics center measuring17,000 m2 at the Dream Industrial Complex in Pyeongtaek.


The center is large enough to store drugs of about 30,000 pallets and service up to 20 companies simultaneously.


▲ View of the PICO Innovation smart logistics center

CJ OliveNetworks will provide logistics consulting to PICO Innovation and build the center from its design,as well as operate and manage WMS.

The project will be jointly pursued with Russell (CEO Kwon Sun-uk), a manufacturer that specializes in automated production facilities, with which CJ OliveNetworks forged a strategic partnership last year, to build in an integrated manner not only the software to be applied in the smart logistics center, but also the hardware facilities necessary for the entire process of warehousing, releasing, shipping, storing, and classifying.


Automated facilities enabling unmanned operation, including autonomously moving robots, automatic warehousing,unmanned carts, semiautomatic uploading and downloading facilities, shuttles,and automatically classifying sorters wherein artificial intelligence (AI), Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and other new DT technologies are converged, will be applied to the center.


The experiences of CJ OliveNetworks’CJ Logistics in designing and operating logistics centers will be applied to the automated facilities’ manufacturing experiences of Russell for synergistic effects. By building the smart logistics center, PICO Innovation can cut the cost of logistics, improve quality, and reduce inventory burden, among others.


PICO Innovation held the center’s ground breaking ceremony at Pyeongtaek Dream Industrial Complex on May 18. CJ OliveNetworks CEO Cha In-hyok, PICO Innovation President Cho Yong-jun, Korea Federation of SMEs Executive Vice Chairman Kwon Hyeok-hong, Democratic Party of Korea Legislator Kim Kyung-man, People Power Party Legislator Yu Eui-dong, and other dignitaries participated in the ceremony. The construction is expected to be completed in June next year.


“Our experiences in operating smart logistics centers and Russell’s smart facility manufacturing capabilities will create synergistic effects … By converging new DT technologies, we will buildan optimal smart logistics center with differentiated solutions that provide facilities, software, maintenance, and even repair in an integrated manner,”said Kim Hui-seong of CJ OliveNetwork’s Next Business Unit 2. (The end.)