Press Press2021.11.04

CJ OliveNetworks to Unveil HDR10+ Content for the First Time in the Industry

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▲Images comparing the application of HDR10+ technology


- The company verified HDR10+ content conversion solution for the first time in Korea with Samsung Electronics.   

- It will improve content quality with high-definition video technology that realizes optimized brightness, contrast, and color

- On November 4th, the remastered version of the movie <Voice>, TVing, etc. will be broadcast on domestic platforms.


[CJ OliveNetworks = November 4, 2021 (Thursday)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok) will introduce media contents using HDR10+, the next-generation image quality technology, for the first time.


HDR10+ is a high-definition video technology that realizes accurate color expression by optimizing brightness and contrast It is characterized by maintaining a constant image quality even when the scene changes by applying dynamic metadata that automatically sets image information for each scene.


CJ OliveNetworks, a member of the HDR10+ Alliance, recently succeeded in verifying the technology that converts existing video content to the HDR10+ version for the first time through cooperation with Samsung Electronics.

As a first example, the movie <Voice> distributed by CJ ENM was remastered in HDR10+, and it will be offered through various domestic platforms such as TVing from the 4th.

The remastered video optimizes the brightness and contrast ratio for each scene to provide richer color and three-dimensional effect, and the texture, shape, and color are vividly realized even in dark scenes, allowing viewers to enjoy the content more realistically.


Starting with the movie <Voice>, CJ OliveNetworks plans to continuously present remastered works by applying HDR10+ technology to popular movie contents.

“As the amount of high-definition content of 4K or higher is increasing recently, the number of smart devices that support HDR10+, including TVs, is gradually increasing,” said Choi Do-seong, head of CJ OliveNetworks’ Power Cast Business Division. “We will continue to invest in media-related technologies to further maximize users' content experience.”