Press Press2021.11.23

CJ OliveNetworks Proclaims the Five Human-Centered AI Ethical Principles

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- The company established ‘human-entered practice standards’ to provide innovative services to customers using AI.

- It includes human-centered key contents such as AI for the happiness of mankind, AI without discrimination and bias, AI that can be explained, AI that does not infringe on personal property and rights, and knowledge sharing for the development of the AI ??industry.

- It will increase ethical awareness through an introduction of an in-house AI ethical principles compliance process and training of employees in the future.


[CJ OliveNetworks = November 23, 2021 (Tuesd everyday life. So there is a growing consensus that there must be an ethical standard for ay)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok) declared the 'AI Ethical Principles' with 'human-centered AI’ as the core concept for the first time in the IT service industry and presented guidelines that members must practice in developing and distributing innovative AI services.


Although AI is making human life comfortable and affluent, there are frequent ethical issues due to AI abuse, such as the controversy over hate speech by the AI chatbot Iruda earlier this year and deep fake crimes in using it correctly.


The ‘AI ethical principles’ is a standard that members must practice when CJ OliveNetworks should develop or provide innovative services to customers using AI.


The main contents of the five 'AI Ethical Principles' declared this time included ▲AI that leads to happiness of the mankind ▲AI that respects diversity and has no social bias ▲AI for a trust relationship which honestly explains AI technology to customers and gives them choices ▲AI that does not infringe on individual’s assets and rights ▲Knowledge sharing for the development of the AI ??industry.


CJ OliveNetworks has been developing AI technology in various fields such as manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and media content since 2018 and carrying out successful digital transformation (DT).


In particular, various departments, including AI Core and AI DT Lab, are researching and commercializing AI technology based on projects. Last year's Mnet program Once Again presented an impressive stage by reproducing the face of the former Turtleman (Lim Seong-hoon) with AI technology-based face editing technology. The tvN drama Navillera and the entertainment program Fireworks Handsome also used media AI technology to reduce cost and time and improve the quality of content.


CJ OliveNetworks plans to implement programs to raise awareness of AI ethics, such as adopting a systematic process to comply with in-house AI ethical principles and expanding education for employees in charge of AI tasks.  


“In line with the recent trend of expanding the use of AI technology in the fields of special effects in broadcasting and media and digital human, it is significant that the AI ??ethics principles announced by CJ OliveNetworks provide a direction for the desirable development and application of AI,” said Jeon Chang-bae, president of the International Association for Artificial Intelligence and Ethics. “I look forward to the opportunity to spread the know-how and cases accumulated in the actual operation of AI ethical principles to domestic and foreign industrial ecosystems.”


“Although AI is having a good impact on our lives, the risks of AI such as deep fakes and autonomous driving accidents are also growing, so the current situation requires a guide for companies to follow,” said Son Jong-su, head of the AI ??Core Research Center at CJ OliveNetworks. “We will develop AI in various industries based on the AI ethical principles announced this time and contribute to the development of the AI ??industry by actively participating in knowledge sharing.”