Press Press2021.11.17

CJ OliveNetworks to Create NFT Artworks Using AI

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An example of the application of CJ OliveNetworks’ AI artwork platform AiRT


- CJ OliveNetworks AI Core Research Center, AI Artwork Platform developed AiRT.

- AI based on VAE and GAN technologies creates new artworks. Coloring, series, and video works are also possible.

- The company will put efforts to spread the value of K-contents such as creating NFT artworks by collaborating with traditional art and new artists in the future.


[CJ OliveNetworks=November 17th, 2021 (Wednesday)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok) is launching an AI artwork platform 'AiRT' that produces new creative works by combining AI technology with artworks and will work to spread the NFT ecosystem in the field of K-content.


AiRT, developed by CJ OliveNetworks AI Core Research Center, is an AI digital printmaking solution that combines VAE (Variational Auto Encoders) and GAN (Generative Adversarial Networks) technologies to allow AI to learn the work of existing artists to provide a service that produces a series or creates a video.


AI is attracting attention not only in the industrial, scientific and medical industries, but also in cultural and artistic fields around the world. In Armenia, an AI concert was held in which an AI composes classical music in real time and the orchestra players perform it on the spot. In America, the artwork drawn by AI painter Obvious was sold for about 500 million won. 


AiRT creates more unique and creative works by incorporating new expression techniques provided by AI while maintaining the artist's identity through AI learning.


'AiRT Painter', AI coloring technology that learns the artist's coloring style and gives colors and textures that reflect the artist's characteristics to other unpainted works, and 'AiRT Producer', AI series-creation technology that maximizes the connectivity of the series by learning the artist's series of works and uniting with AI works, can be applied. 


In particular, by introducing GAN-based Video Generation technology, it is possible to create media works in the form of videos rather than fixed AI artworks.


In the future, CJ OliveNetworks plans to take the lead in promoting the value of K-Art in the global market by integrating the AiRT platform with the company's genuine know-how in media technology and presenting AI artworks with new concept.


Currently, the company is promoting creating Korean painting NFTs by introducing AiRT technology to famous works of artist Ryu Jae-cheon, one of Korea's leading ink-and-wash landscape painters. In addition, it plans to create NFTs of various forms of art by collaborating with traditional art and emerging artists.


NFT assigns a unique value so that there is only one non-replaceable original copy, and because hacking and modification are impossible with blockchain technology, it can further enhance the rarity and intrinsic value of artworks, said Cha In-Hyeok, CEO of CJ OliveNetworks. "First, we will present K-artwork with new concept that incorporate the AI technology and actively participate in spreading the NFT ecosystem in various fields with K-content in the mid to long term."