Press Press2022.10.11

CJ OliveNetworks to create an AI actress using advanced AI technologies

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- CJ OliveNetworks has provided technical support for AI Voice Cloning and Lip Generation to the dance drama “Queen of the Night”.

- The AI actress learns emotions from the voice of a real actress and acts as if it is a real person. 

- The AI technology was showcased to the audience of an offline art performance, reaching beyond drama or entertainment shows.


CJ OliveNetworks, led by CEO Cha In Hyok, has provided technical support for AI Voice Cloning and Lip Generation to a dance drama created by Lee Kyung Ok Dance Company, “Queen of the Night”, intending to create a virtual human. 


“Queen of the Night”, which will be played until October 13 at Mary Hall of Sogang University, is a performance inspired by the opera “The Magic Flute”. The dance drama showcases unique visual art through the use of media art by contemporary artist Mari Kim. 


CJ OliveNetworks has applied AI Voice Cloning and Lip Generation technologies to the main character of the drama and the media art to create an AI actress.


AI Voice Cloning is a voice synthesis technology where an AI algorithm analyzes a voice and artificially generates the same natural-sounding voice. 


Once the algorithm learns a person's voice, it can read a given text in the same voice by artificially generating it.





Lip Generation is an AI-based lip-sync technology to match the lip movement of a video with the sound of audio. Once given an image or video of a person along with audio, the algorithm generates a video of lips moving in sync with the audio.  


CJ OliveNetworks has joined hands with Korean actress Son Sook to train the AI for the performance. In “Queen of the Night”, the AI that learned Son Sook’s voice acted as the Queen, the vengeance-seeking main character, making the audience feel like the actress herself is on the stage. 


AI Voice Cloning created a voice that does more than simply speak ? it learned the tone of the actress’s language to help audience immersion in the show. 


“It was meaningful for us to apply the AI technologies we have researched and developed so far beyond TV content, such as drama or entertainment shows, by presenting it to the audiences of offline art performances,” said an official from the Virtual Human Lab of CJ OliveNetworks. “We will continue cooperating with various art fields to develop technologies that can enrich art performance,” he added.