Press Press2023.09.26

CJ OliveNetworks establishes K-digital platform in Incheon

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- It will open a 660㎡ K-Digital platform in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon and plans to foster approximately 1,000 IT talents every year

- It will conduct customized programs such as Cloud Wave, Tech Meetup, IT Education and Digital Creativity Camp, and Senior Digital Learning based on many years of training operation know-how

- By holding industry-academia-research conferences that invites major local institutions such as Incheon City, Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education, and Incheon University, it will explore areas of collaboration to strengthen digital capabilities in the Incheon area


CJ OliveNetworks has created the K-Digital Platform of the Ministry of Employment and Labor in Incheon City and is starting to foster local digital talent in earnest.


The K-Digital Platform is a project that provides customized digital convergence training courses by level in conjunction with the region where the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Human Resources Development Service of Korea build digital convergence training facilities and share infrastructure to successfully promote the Korean New Deal, which will lead the digital and green transition


CJ OliveNetworks providg educational services that plan and produce various educational contents for CJ affiliates. Based on many years of education operation know-how, it is carrying out remote internships, a youth-friendly ESG support project, for the second year and is executing education support projects such as supporting the DT capabilities of young people in local areas.


The K-Digital Platform created this time is based in Songdo, Incheon, where the CJ Cloud Center, which oversees CJ Group's data, is located and is built as the only facility in the Incheon region in order to provide customized training programs for digital competency development to various audiences, including local residents, companies, and future talents.



The space is approximately 200 pyeong in size and consists of a lounge that can accommodate up to 50 people, a lecture hall, a conference room, a single study room, and a study room. It is also equipped with infrastructure for digital education, such as laptops, monitors, beam projectors, and sound facilities.


CJ OliveNetworks is operating a ‘Cloud Wave’ training, a K-digital training project of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, on the K-digital platform. And about 30 students in the round received a total of 400 hours of a professional cloud training, and two excellent graduates participated in the CJ Cloud Center internship.


In the future, CJ OliveNetworks will ▲regularly operate 'Cloud Wave' training, ▲hold 'Tech meet up,' a place for meeting college students majoring in IT and employees of IT companies provide customized digital education such as ▲'digital creativity camp' for elementary school students in Incheon, ▲seniors Digital learning, and ▲field trips to the CJ Cloud Center.


Meanwhile, CJ OliveNetworks held an industry-academia-research meeting on the 21st (Thursday) to commemorate the creation of the K-digital platform.


On this day, major related organizations and officials in the region such as Yoo In-sang, CEO of CJ OliveNetworks; Kang Ho-yeon, Director of Vocational Competency Bureau at Human Resources Development Service of Korea; Han So-young, Superintendent of Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education; Lee In-jae, Vice President of the Incheon National University; and Chae Eun-ja, Leader of the SW Innovation Team of Data Industry Bureau of Incheon Metropolitan City attended to explore ways to collaborate to strengthen Incheon City's digital capabilities and discussed establishing digital governance.


“K-Digital Platform will be the only space in the Incheon area that provides customized digital education for everyone from elementary school students to the elderly and helps young people grow into practical IT talents,” said Yoo In-sang, CEO of CJ OliveNetworks. “We will contribute to the digital transformation of Incheon City through successful operation, including nurturing more than 1,000 graduates every year.”