Press Press2023.10.26

OliveNetworks cooperates with SAP Korea to build the next generation ERP

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- CJ OliveNetworks and SAP Korea will collaborate to build next-generation ERP optimized for CJ’s major affiliates, including food, logistics, new distribution, and media businesses

- It will develop joint services and discover new businesses based on SAP global new technologies and advanced practices

- CEO Yoo said, “OliveNetworks will actively support major affiliates’ DX innovation and business expansion by dramatically improving the next-generation ERP capabilities.”


CJ OliveNetworks will collaborate with SAP Korea, a global ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software company, to successfully build the next-generation ERP for CJ's major affiliates.


CJ OliveNetworks and SAP Korea are upgrading their internal operating systems such as data integration and standardization of business process. And to strengthen business competitiveness by securing a data-based decision-making system, it will begin to build the next-generation ERP system that is optimized for CJ's major affiliates.


Through this business agreement, the two companies plan to introduce SAP solutions suitable for major business fields such as food, logistics, new distribution, and media, and cooperate with each other for digital innovation, such as applying cloud solution-based services.


First, ▲application of SAP BP (Best Practice) in the food manufacturing and distribution industry, ▲cost efficiency from a cloud optimization perspective, ▲exploration of new business opportunities ▲development of SAP expert training program, etc. will be implemented.


In particular, both companies are benchmarking global BP cases in the PI (Process Innovation) project, which is the preliminary stage of building next-generation ERP and plan to build a customized ERP to support the successful DX transition of CJ's major affiliates, including value chains specialized for each business.


In addition, CJ OliveNetworks develops joint services based on ERP operation capabilities experienced in various industries as well as new technologies and advanced practices of SAP, which is leading the global ERP market, and will actively cooperate in discovering new businesses in the future.


In particular, when the next-generation ERP is built, it will be upgraded from the existing customer-centered operating system base to the IT infrastructure and it is expected to help major affiliates improve their business competitiveness and expand their global business.


Meanwhile, the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic partnership at CJ OliveNetworks headquarters on October 6th with key officials including Yoo In-sang, CEO of CJ OliveNetworks, and Shin Eun-young, CEO of SAP Korea, in attendance.