Press Press2022.04.05

CJ OliveNetworks to Provide Metaverse-Based Coding Classes to Middle and High School Students

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▲ A student participating in CJ SW Creativity Camp Open Innovation is receiving the newly opened Metaverse coding education



- The company newly developed differentiated curriculum in collaboration with CJ SW Creativity Camp, a social contribution program, and Creverse, a coding education company.

- The company opened new courses such as metaverse coding and 3D game making with a unity engine-based education platform.

- The target of support is expanded from elementary and middle school students to high school students, providing customized education based on the level.

- It contributed to bridging the regional educational gap by operating in eight middle and high schools in Jeju in the first half of the year and expanding to Gangwon and Jeolla in the second half of the year.


[CJ OliveNetworks = April 6, 2022 (Wednesday)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok)’s representative social contribution activity ‘CJ SW Creativity Camp’ will be upgraded to an open innovation program in 2022.


CJ SW Creativity Camp is a pro bono activity that supports SW coding education for elementary and middle school students based on the work expertise of CJ OliveNetworks executives and employees have.


CJ OliveNetworks' new 'SW Creativity Camp Open Innovation' this year developed a systematic curriculum reflecting edutech trends in cooperation with Creverse, a company specializing in convergence thinking skills education platform, to provide high educational effects and interest to students participating in education.

The new course ‘Metaverse Coding Education’ is operated as a class linked to the regular curriculum using codeAlive, an interactive coding platform implemented with the 3D Unity engine.


Students can receive the latest coding education without physical teaching materials as a platform that integrates learning and practice environments into one. Moving away from text coding, which was done on the monitor screen, the educational effect was enhanced by coding characters in a virtual world through a real-time communication with instructors.


In particular, the program is composed of a wide range of curriculum ranging from beginner to intermediate Python, AI machine learning, data analysis, and algorithm learning, so it is possible to provide customized education according to the students’ level.


The comparative course ‘3D Game Maker Education’ is a hands-on training focused on making your own 3D games with Code Alive’s playground. By developing a 3D game that escapes a maze or avoids obstacles, you can increase your interest and immersion while also nurturing your creative thinking.


In addition, it plans to support programs using various digital teaching aids by providing existing CJ SW Creative Camp courses such as Creative Convergence Talent Education (STEAM) using LEGO, AI Machine Learning, and AI Native Courses.


The scope of the ‘SW Creativity Camp Open Innovation’ will be expanded from the existing elementary and middle school students to high school students.


In the first half of the year, CJ OliveNetworks runs a 15-week class for 100 students in four middle schools in Jeju, including Jeju Nohyeong Middle School, Jeju Girls’ Middle School, and Aewol Middle School. And an on-offline hybrid type 'SW Creativity Camp Open Innovation' class will be conducted in four high schools in Jeju, including Hamdeok High School, Seogwipo High School, and JoongAng Girls’ High School. In the second half of the year, it plans to expand the beneficiaries to Gangwon-do and Jeolla-do.


“CJ SW Creativity Camp has been making continuous efforts to bridge the regional education gap by switching to non-face-to-face digital education even in the midst of the Corona crisis for the past two years,” said Baek Jae-min, manager of management support at CJ OliveNetworks. “We will spare no effort at the company level to help students who participate in the professional and systematic open innovation program that enhances educational effectiveness grow into creative talents.”