Press Press2022.04.25

CJ OliveNetworks Develops AI- and AR-Powered Industrial Safety Solutions

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▲ A worker at the industrial site is inspecting equipment with AR technology (AR SIS)

- The company established a partnership with Aria-Edge, a company specializing in augmented reality, developing three kinds of industrial safety solutions.

- AR technology allows inspecting work and real-time remote communication, reducing the risk of serious disasters.

- From checking worker's clothes to managing the identity of people with Vision AI, work efficiency will be improved.


[CJ OliveNetworks = April 25, 2022 (Mon)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok) has developed three kinds of industrial safety solutions to prevent serious industrial accidents and for workers’ safety and health.

With the enforcement of the Act on the Corporate Punishment for Serious Disasters earlier this year, securing the safety and health of workers at industrial sites with operational and management responsibilities became mandatory, and ensuring a company's ESG competitiveness has emerged as an important topic.


▲Business agreement signing ceremony between CJ OliveNetworks and Aria Edge


Accordingly, CJ OliveNetworks signed a partnership with Aria-Edge (CEO Park Jong-il), a domestic augmented reality (AR) company, to develop and introduce Safety Inspection System (AR SIS) based on Augmented Reality (AR Safety Inspection System, AR SIS) Remote Collaboration AR Solution (AR Remote) and  a dress code system (Smart Mirror).


AR Safety Inspection System (AR SIS) is a management system that can check the work process with AR technology. When you tag an intelligent marker at the site with a smartphone or a tablet PC, the work list is displayed with AR, so data can be handled efficiently.


The adoption of AR SIS can innovatively reduce work errors compared to the manual inspection, and data can be automatically saved, making it easier to track history. In addition, intelligent markers have a shorter recognition time compared to QR codes and are more difficult to forge or falsify, so they are strong in security and can increase data reliability.


The data inspected by AR SIS can be used as evidence in case of legal disputes related to the Act on the Corporate Punishment for Serious Disasters, so reduction of safety and health risks can also be expected.



▲A worker at the site is communicating with an expert in a remote place using AR Remote Control


Another solution using AR, the remote collaboration AR solution, is a collaboration tool that allows workers at the site and remote experts to communicate without spatial limitations.


By connecting the smart device owned by the worker at the site and the remote manager's PC with a single server, the workers at the site can transmit on-site video and audio, and the manager can transmit the received video by adding visual elements and audio.


For example, if a worker takes a picture of a product for repair, the manager can add line drawings, arrows, text, and images to the video from a remote location and explain the repair method in real time.  


In addition to domestic and foreign product repair, the remote collaboration AR solution can be widely used for non-face-to-face communication such as remote guide, video training, and video conference.



▲ An employee is using the AI dress code system at the entrance of the Cheiljedang Food Factory


Smart Mirror is a dress code system at the entrance that can be used in food factories, pharmaceutical research institutes, and semiconductor facilities where protective clothing, sanitary clothing, gloves, and masks must be worn.


It is a kiosk-type access control system that can check whether the user is wearing work clothes and the identity of the worker at the same time. With Vision AI technology, clothes and work tools can be recognized in real time.


When a worker's clothing is out of compliance, a siren or SMS is notified in real time, and the access data can be computerized to streamline worker management.


“It is a solution that uses new technologies such as Vision AI and AR to prevent accidents at industrial sites and to consider the safety of workers. It can contribute to ESG management by increasing work productivity and improving the working environment.” said an official from CJ OliveNetworks Cloud Center.